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with Rabbi Dovid Raskas
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The 4th Perek of Sukka is sponsored l'iluy nishmas Yitzchak ben Victoria and Nissim, Luna bas Miriam and Rachamim, Braina bas Yaacov, and Dovid ben Yehoshua.

Sukka 40a

Sukka 41a

Sukka 42a

Sukka 43a

Sukka 44a

Sukka 45a

Sukka 46a

Sukka 47a

Sukka 48a

Sukka 49a

Sukka 40b

Sukka 41b

Sukka 42b

Sukka 43b

Sukka 44b

Sukka 45b

Sukka 46b

Sukka 47b

Sukka 48b

Sukka 49b

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