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with Rabbi Dovid Raskas
and Rabbi Peretz Segal

Part 1

This short video deals with the stages required to analyze a Mishnah, the beginning of the 3-5-3 Mishnah analysis technique, employing the first 3 steps to be taken when analyzing a Mishnah, and then going just a drop beyond that into asking the first 2 of the middle 5 questions.

Part 2

In this session we continue the 3-5-3 Mishnah analysis technique. Rabbi Raskas enters into the scene, and we see the relationship between the questions we are asking on the Mishnah, and the fact that they are dealt with in the Gemara.

Part 3

In this third video, we go a little bit further and explore the inference and how it relates to questions the Gemara asks. Again, formalizing the relationship between the Mishnah and the Gemara.

Part 4

In this fourth session, we explore a little bit behind the reasoning and the principle of the Mishnah, and integrating it into our study of the Gemara. Taking the theme of this relationship between the questions we ask on the Mishnah and the way they are dealt with in the Gemara, a little bit further.

Part 5

In Part 5 we demonstrate how a single Mishnah can have radically different readings, and allows us to understand how by careful inference, we can actually derive different understandings of the same text.

Part 6

Over here we see how the Gemara and the Mishnah interact in an even more sophisticated way, using the 3-5-3 technique, we see how those same principles are affecting the Gemara's analysis of the Mishnah.

Part 7 and how it is shown in the Gemara.

Part 8

This is a further example fleshing out how the Gemara actually uses the 3-5-3 Mishnah analysis technique, and how that can create completely divergent perspectives on what a Mishnah is really saying.

Part 9

In this part we see the application of - how to uncover what the chiddush of the Mishnah is.

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