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A course on how to learn Gemara.

Each amud of gemara explained with clarity. Own and understand the masechta.

About The Rabbis



Rabbi Dovid Raskas is a product of Ner Israel Rabbinical College, and 16 years in the Mir Yerushalayim Kollel. He delivers a shiur in Kollel Balei Batim of Sharei Chesed where he has enthralled those attending his shiur for the past 9 years, and has been delivering "The Bekius Shiur" on various mesachtos in the Centre Program of Ohr Somayach for 14 years. Those who have been inspired by his far ranging and groundbreaking bekius shiur at Ohr Somayach credit him with introducing them to the world of Gemara, and as a result of their time spent in his shiur, have moved on with great success to the major mainstream Yeshivos in Eretz Yisrael.



Rabbi Peretz (Perry) Segal was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and educated at King David School, Victory Park. He joined the Center Program staff a division of Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem in 1998. Today he serves as a senior lecturer and Mashgiach on the program. He is author of Vagueness Vanquished, founder and Mashgiach of Kollel Eitz Pri and Academy of Life Training (ALT) and a lecturer at Ner Le’elef, Ohr LaGolah and Jerusalem Kollel. R’ Segal lives with his wife and family in Har Nof, a neighbourhood of Jerusalem.

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